Stop Panic Attacks

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How to Stop Panic Attacks

While in the grip of a panic attack, life may seem like an endless downward spiral. However, when it comes to how to stop panic attacks, there are a variety of ways you can ease your symptoms and take charge of the situation. By eliminating your physical symptoms, then tackling the problem, you can stop your panic attacks and move on with your life.

Eliminating the Physical Symptoms of Panic Attacks

What many don’t realize is that the symptoms of a panic attack are actually a biological trigger. When we are in danger, the physical signs of a panic attack, such as an elevated heartbeat, quickened breathing, and sharpened senses, are useful when we need to move quickly or escape a threat.

However, anyone who has experienced these symptoms for no reason knows that they can overwhelm you completely if you allow them to. Thus, the first step in how to stop panic attacks, is eliminating these frightening and painful symptoms before they do you serious harm. Prolonged exposure to the symptoms of panic attacks, after all, can result in difficulty breathing, chest pain, lightheadedness, cold sweats, and even fainting.

When you start to feel the physical symptoms arise, act immediately. Controlling your breathing is one of the most important steps when it comes to how to stop panic attacks Keeping your breath slow and even will, in turn, slow your heartbeat and decrease the sensations of dizziness and cold sweats. You can do this by shutting your eyes and consciously making yourself breathe slowly and deeply. While gasping into a paper bag is a common method of controlling your breathing, some advise against this, as you may end up inhaling carbon monoxide, which will only worsen your symptoms.

When controlling these symptoms, you may want to consider if you’ve had enough to eat or drink recently. Similarly, consuming caffeine on an empty stomach can trigger panic attacks easier, as stimulants such as coffee or cigarettes accelerate the heartbeat and cause rapid breathing. It’s easier to think when you’re hydrated and have a full stomach.

A lack of sleep is another significant cause of panic attacks. When you haven’t rested enough, your body is on edge and clumsy. You are also more susceptible to becoming startled or overly emotional when you are exhausted. When it comes to how to stop panic attacks, getting a good night’s sleep is a good way to calm yourself down and regain respite from your symptoms.

Pinpointing the Problem

how to stop panic attacks

Once you’ve regained control over your body, the next step is to banish the source of your fear. While many panic attacks may seem to hit you out of nowhere, nine times out of ten there is a reason for it, even if you don’t know the exact source. When you are calm enough to think, sit in a quiet area and try to identify the problem.

Sometimes the source of your anxiety it is a simple matter of negative thinking and excessive stress. If this is the case, a method of how to stop panic attacks is to engage in relaxing activity. Consider meditation, tai-chi, yoga, or long walks. Invest in a calming hobby or watch television. Let your mind relax.

Other times, the source of your panic attack is very obvious indeed. Job stress, family troubles, and school related anxiety are common causes of panic attacks. You can minimize your fear by dividing your problem up into smaller sections. This can make your problem easier to solve and significantly less overwhelming.

If you believe your panic attacks are becoming an increasing problem despite your attempts to stop them, you may want to consult your doctor. Therapy and anti-anxiety treatments may sound intimidating, but they are also very beneficial in helping you with your symptoms. Using these options is not a sign that you are losing control or giving up. When it comes to how to stop panic attacks, your only goal is to cure yourself of them.

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