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Tips to Prevent Panic Attacks

The most important of the tips to prevent panic attack you are likely to get is that you should learn to recognize the symptoms of panic attack. By being familiar with the earliest symptoms of an attack, you will be on alert that other symptoms could show up at any time.

Just remind yourself that you've been through it all before and survived, and then try some of these other tips to prevent panic attack so that even the earliest symptoms occur less and less frequently.


The first of our critical tips to prevent panic attack is to teach yourself to reduce the amount of anxiety you feel from minute to minute. There are a wide range of techniques which you can master to keep your anxiety levels under control. One of them is meditation.

Regular meditation will not only help you prevent panic attacks, it will reward you with a greater awareness, the ability to relax deeply, and a greater self-knowledge. You'll find yourself becoming more patience, especially with yourself, and more tolerant of what you see as your shortcomings. You would be amazed to realize just how much of your anxiety is triggered by your own negative self-talk! If there is no meditation class available in your area, you can still learn the art of meditating from a number of excellent books or CDs.

Guided Imagery

Our second of the tips to prevent panic attack goes hand-in-hand with meditation. Called "guided imagery," this technique will teach you to replace the present belief system which may be contributing to your panic attacks. You may not realize that your system of beliefs is quite similar in the way it operates to your PC. Load your hard drive with whatever programs you like, and your hard drive will accept them even if they are absolutely crawling with viruses or worms which will eventually destroy it.

Your belief system is the same way. It will simply accept as true whatever negative thoughts you want to load into it, and the more of them there are, the more likely it is that your body will soon express those negative thoughts negative thoughts as anxiety, depression, and even panic attacks.

With guided imagery, you will find a quiet and safe place in which to relax. Then you will visualize a place, object, or scene with comforts and pleases you. You'll use every bit of imagination you have to fill in all the details of your image. Experience as fully as you can the way it looks, sounds, smells, feels, and even tastes. You hear the voice of a friend, smell your favorite flower, or feel a cool breeze simultaneously with the warm sun on your face? The more deeply you enter into your image, the more relax your body will become and easily your anxieties will be dislodged.

Set aside, if at all possible, two or three times each day when you can practice your guided imagery. If all else fails, wake up early in the morning and get into bed early at night to get the extra time you need. Within a matter of weeks, you'll be able to call on your comforting imagery at the first sign of a panic attack!

B Vitamins

The third of the most effective tips to prevent panic attack is to pay attention to your diet. Because panic attacks directly affect your central nervous system, increasing your daily intake of B vitamins will have a firm and this calming effect. Of all the B vitamins, the most important ones are presenting panic attacks are thiamin, niacin, and B12. You can find healthy quantities of all of them in whole-grain cereals cost, and breads; seafood including tuna, salmon, and swordfish; legumes like beans and peanuts, veggies including broccoli and asparagus; watermelon, and oranges.

Cutting Back on Alcohol

Along with increasing the B vitamins in your diet, you should practice the fourth of our tips to prevent panic attack by greatly reducing, if not completely eliminating, your alcohol intake. Alcohol can stimulate your already tightly wired nervous system. While being alert is not necessarily a bad thing, becoming hypervigilant is the last thing you need as a person already worried about experiencing panic attacks! Just be careful, if you need to cut back on your alcohol, that you do it slowly because going cold turkey can sometimes be enough to trigger an attack by itself!

Cutting Back on Caffeine and Sugar

The last of our tips to prevent panic attack is not going to come as good news if you are trying to reduce your alcohol intake by substituting coffee, especially if that coffee is loaded with sugar. The caffeine in coffee and the empty calories in sugar, especially when they are working in tandem, will send your nurse into overdrive. Sugar has been proven to cause hyperactivity, which can lead to emotional disturbances which eventually morph into panic attacks.

Caffeine, as we all know, is a highly effective and affordable stimulant, and most of us rely on it to keep us going throughout the day. As a stimulant, however, it will wreak havoc on your nervous system and as a panic attack sufferer is the last thing you need to be consuming. Switch to decaf coffee if you can't kick the habit, but do whatever it takes to other things like colas, chocolate, and some kinds of tea.

As a panic attack sufferer, weigh your enjoyment of all your attack-promoting behaviors against your fear of the attacks themselves. We think your fears are probably going to outweigh your enjoyment of a B-vitamin deprived diet, your consumption of alcohol, caffeine, and sugar, and most of all, your negative self-talk. These five tips to prevent panic attacks will help you outsmart all of those things!

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