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How to Overcome Panic Attacks While Driving

Suffering panic attacks of any kind are never pleasant experiences. Having panic attacks while driving, however, only amplifies an already stressful situation. The causes for having a panic attack while on the road vary, but fortunately you can seek relief in a variety of different ways.

Reasons for Panic Attacks

Perhaps you’ve never driven a vehicle before. Perhaps you had a bad experience on the road. Whatever the reason, driving is a horrifying experience for many people. There are many different fears associated with driving.

For example, some people fear that they will have a panic attack while on the road and cause an accident. Others, in contrast, fear that everyone else on the road may somehow crash into them. Some even fear that their driving skills aren’t adequate enough for them to be on the road.

Some drivers are only frightened in certain areas. You may fear driving over large bridges or crossing rivers via ferry if they had a bad experience while doing so. This may lead you to avoid bridges or ferries altogether.

Ways to Overcome Panic Attacks While Driving

panic attacks while driving

One of the most effective ways to combat your fear of driving is to force yourself to confront your fear. You can do this gradually, however. Stick to long country roads. Avoid driving at night. Perhaps try going somewhere fun. Feel free to play music as you drive, though it’s a good idea to ensure that it isn’t too loud or distracting. As you grow more confident with your driving skills, you will be able to progress to more complicated areas and even drive by yourself.

Bringing someone with you as you drive is another way to help keep panic attacks at bay. Make sure, however, that they are not prone to being tense or excessively correcting your driving skills while in the car. While having someone to point out where to turn may be useful, having someone constantly snapping at you will only make your symptoms worse.

Having someone with you while you drive can be very reassuring. You don’t feel isolated, and you have an instant source of help should you need it. A companion can keep up pleasant conversation to keep your mind on your driving instead of frightening thoughts. They can also keep you calm if you start to feel afraid and keep your thoughts positive.

Another way to overcome panic attacks while driving is to carry a cell phone. That way, if you feel a panic attack coming on, you can pull over by the side of the road and call someone for assistance, whether it’s a friend, family member, or hotline.

Whatever the cause of your fear, there is no reason for you to lose hope. By thinking positively and practicing often, you will discover that overcoming your panic attacks while driving isn’t as impossible or frightening as it seems.

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