Stop Panic Attacks

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Learn How To Control Panic Attacks

Do you constantly feel queasy, dizzy, and exhausted from anxiety? You don’t have to live like this. By learning how to control your panic attacks, you can work to solve the problem rather than be bombarded by the crippling symptoms of your fear.

How To Control Panic Attacks

Learn several valuable tips on how to control panic attacks and lead a calmer, healthier life. This article covers several different clinical treatments as well as methods you can try yourself.

When experiencing a panic attack, it may seem absolutely impossible to do anything to alleviate it. However, there are a variety of ways you can banish the physical symptoms of a panic attack. Once you’ve achieved this, it will be much easier to concentrate and think of a solution to what’s troubling you.

Breathing Exercises

Hyperventilation is one of the first physical manifestations of a panic attack. This, in turn, speeds up your heart rate, causes chest pain, and makes you dizzy, which can result in you actually fainting if it goes on for too long. Controlling your breathing is one of the first steps when it comes to how to control your panic attacks.

When you start to feel your breathing quicken, work consciously to breathe slowly and deeply. You can do this while sitting or even lying down. Shut your eyes and concentrate on every step of your breath. If you’re having trouble slowing down, try breathing in deeply, holding it for a moment or two, and exhaling slowly.

Breathing in this way slows your heart rate and clears your head, allowing you to stop and think.

Muscle Relaxation

When it comes to learning how to control your panic attacks, relaxing your muscles can be one of the most difficult steps to achieve, especially when it involves your facial muscles. Oftentimes you may be clenching your jaw, furrowing your brow, or wrinkling your forehead without even realizing it. Your posture may also become stiff and tense, resulting in neck and back pain.

You can ease the pain of tense muscles by consciously relaxing your muscles one by one. Lie down on a comfortable surface and close your eyes. Breathing deeply and calmly, conjure every muscle you can think of from your scalp down and make an effort to relax them. This relief of tension also releases endorphins, which help ease many of the symptoms of anxiety attacks.

You can also relief the ache of a sore neck and back by soaking in a hot bath or relaxing in a sauna. You can also knead the tension out of your muscles or get someone else to do it for you.

Once you’ve relaxed your muscles, you will generally feel much calmer and ready to take the steps to fix the problem at hand.

Confront the Problem

When your breathing is calm and your muscles feel loose and relaxed, it’s time to take the first steps of solving your problem. This, believe it or not, is a very important step when it comes to how to control your panic attacks. By taking small, manageable steps to solve your problem, you can eliminate many of the painful and distressing physical symptoms of panic attacks.

The important thing is not to let your problem overwhelm you again. Instead, take a calm, calculated approach to the situation. Identify exactly what the problem is, then create a step-by-step list of actions you can do to lessen or even solve your problem. Don’t be afraid to ask others for help in this matter. By splitting the problem up into smaller steps, it becomes significantly easier to manage.

If your panic attacks occur often, you may wish to consult your doctor about seeking therapeutic treatment or using anti-anxiety medicine to help treat your symptoms. As with any difficult situation, learning how to control your panic attacks takes practice and dedication. However, in time, they will become easier to overpower.

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